Decades of part-time teaching experience at different levels. At college level (for architecture students): drawing, perspective, composition, rendering, colour theory, presentation techniques, use of design software. For adults, many of the same topics, emphasizing trying different methods/media/materials/tools. But mostly, encouraging learning!

I like urging people out of their comfort zones and into experimenting with new things (even if it’s just to loosen up)… often those new things are hugely satisfying. It’s always a thrill to be there as someone’s horizon is expanding. BUT my main intent in teaching adults is to help people achieve what they want to achieve, not to impose my own style or preferences.

Sample notes for a drawing workshop with an experienced group of artists:


Here’s a collection of images that show a project about exploring media by rendering the same simple subject many times with lots of different tools, materials and styles. I chose an onion (!?) to demonstrate.

Part of the same project, this next example is not a drawing but a collage. The image is made of cut and glued paper from magazines but with no printed images, just strips of colour, tone and texture to build up the form.