Archive – selected Illustrations, Murals

Upper section of a large mural commissioned for an outdoor space, painted offsite on a shaped wood panel and installed later. The curved top of the panel can be seen at top left. The bricks, gate etc. are life-sized. Mural was about 8 ft high and 10 1/2 ft wide.
Details: the gate of the above mural, and a closeup of the bricks
Painted illustration for a magazine cover. One of several I did for this literary magazine. In this series, the objects related to the contents of the issue.

Next is a small section of a wall-sized mural commissioned for a pediatric dental practice. The painting was made to scale, then scanned, enlarged, giclee-printed in wide strips and applied to the wall. (The blank area allowed for built-in equipment).

Following is one of 9 semi-abstract illustrations (for section headings) commissioned for a book about the history of radiology in Canada, ‘A New Kind of Ray’: