The Prize 36″ square acrylic/canvas
Socked In 30″ x 40″ acrylic/canvas
Depths 24″ square acrylic/canvas
Skateboarder 14″ x 10″ oil on board

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man 36″ x 24″ acrylic/canvas
Left hand drawings
(3 were done ‘blind’… a drawing exercise done without looking at the paper or lifting the pen)
Tatyana 30″ x 24″ acrylic/canvas
In the Middle of East 16″ square acrylic/canvas
Reaching 4ft. square acrylic on wood panel
The words say: “But how to do it? How to apply feelings with paint! Is this about trees or about what it is to be human and here? Can I pour on mystery, yearning, strength? Do the limbs reach for something, as I want to show them, like us, reaching for something? Are the thoughts that I layered on, here to be seen? Can I connect with you who are looking? Does it matter if that corner is weird? Can I touch your tender soul anyway?”
dandelion sketchbook
Getting There 30″ x 60″ acrylic/canvas (about the original olympics)
Showstopper 70″ x 24″ acrylic/canvas

Plunge 24″ square acrylic/canvas
Thicket 36″ square acrylic/canvas